Patrick III
High King of Asia, Grand Sultan of the Middle East, Viceroy of Africa


2009 -


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Jill of Sirius

Patrick III was born Patrick Hilarion Alessandra in a small town in North America. He spent his early life in utter obscurity untill he was appointed King of Asia by Emperor Mark I. Patrick III was appointed King of Asia on the eve of the great APROH debate, which critics say he helped to instigate. When the debate was concluded, Emperor Mark I put him in charge of Africa and the Middle East, previously domains the the rebel state claimed. He now rules his vast domain from his capital in Shanghai, and is reported to be a hands off leader.

Early YearsEdit

Patrick III was born in Sedona, Arizona on May 24, 1992. He Spent the first 10 years of his life moving around The United States untill he came to settle in Dallas, Texas in 2002. About this time, he entered his first public school, Armstrong Elementary for about 3/4 of a school year, joining 4th grade midway through the first semester. After graduating from Armstrong, Patrick III passed into McCulloch Intermediate School, where he met several teachers and students whom he befriended. However, after graduating from the 6th grade, Patrick III disappeared from the public school system, entering into two years of homeschooling. In the summer of 2007, he resolved to attend high school, at least for a while, in order to maintain social connections. It was at Highland Park High School that he first encountered Emperor Mark I. The two became friends, however, do to the unbearable burden of having no free time due to the constraints of homework, Patrick III withdrew from high school in October of 2007, returning to his homeschool curriculum. It was not intill the fall of 2009 that he would recontact Emporer Mark I on Facebook, which would lead to his appointment as King of Asia in the Markian Empire.


Territorial Holdings of Patrick III

Lands currently under the control of Patrick III

Patrick III maintains a private army, navy, air force, and space force, and keeps them all in reasonable operating condition. With over 300 private military facilities and bases throughout the whole of his domain, his is one of the largest private militaries in the Markian Empire. It is one of the largest single employers in his territories, providing over 25,000,000 jobs.
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