Mark I
Emperor of Earth
Reign November 7, 2005 - Present
Coronation Has Yet To Take Place
Full Title HM Emperor Mark Sehnert I, Emperor of All Earth and the Markian Empire, Ruler of the Universe, Lord Mayor of Atlantis
Native Language English
Predecessor None - Post Created
Successor Incumbent
Successor Type Crown Prince
Consort Empress Rebecca (2005-2009)
Issue Andrew, Harold, Anna, Margaret,
Royal House House of Sehnert
Royal Anthem The Imperial March
Father John, Prince of Ohio
Mother Martha, Princess of Florida
Date of Birth July 24, 1992
Place of Birth Fort Worth, Texas

Monarchs of Earth
Mark I - Patrick III - Aless of Europe - Frank I - Logan of Australasia - Arya I - Lillie I - Julia of Asia

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